Western Glass


We use 100% Unidirectional S-Glass helping us create light and responsive Fiberglass Fly Rods with a modern feel.   This creates a unique, big water modern Fiberglass Fly Rod that has smaller blank diameters and a faster recovery rate than the Fiberglass Rods of old. They flex deeply but recover like no Fiberglass Fly Rod before it.  All made by hand with high grade nickel silver reel seats, unique burled wood inserts (7wt has an all metal reel seat) flor grade grips, Snake Brand guides, and come in an aluminum rod tube and bag. Available in white or dark brown translucent.


Recommended Fly Line: 406 Fly Line DT

Line Length # Sections Grip Price Order
3wt. 8'6" 3 CIGAR $600 Order
4wt. 8'6" 3 CIGAR $600 Order
5wt. 8'6" 3 CIGAR $600 Order
6wt. 8'6" 3 CIGAR $600 Order
4wt. 8'9" 4 CIGAR $650 Order
5wt. 8'9" 4 CIGAR $650 Order
6wt. 8'9" 4 CIGAR $650 Order
7wt. 8'9" 4 CIGAR $650 Order